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Wrong fuel in car

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Wrong fuel in your car - Watch this video to find out: Have I broken my car? Can I just top it up and carry on? How much does wrong fuel recovery cost?.

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Wrong Fuel in car

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Petrol in Diesel Car

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Put the wrong fuel in your car?

Having contaminated fuel issues? You've come to the right place.

Welcome to FixMyWrongFuel.com - the UK's leading mobile Contaminated Fuel Specialists. Our aim is to provide a 24 hour emergency service for motorists suffering from contaminated fuel problems.

With a UK nationwide team of professionally trained, fully certified and insured technicians at the ready we are able to service all your "wrong-fuel" needs. Be it unleaded petrol in a diesel car, or diesel in an unleaded car - or any other type of fuel contamination - we are here to help.

And so, what do you need to know if you have the incorrect fuel in your car:

  • Petrol in a Diesel Car? Diesel in a Petrol Car? Wrong Fuel in Car?
  • Don't start the engine ( not even to move the car off the pump ). Keeping the contaminated fuel in the tank and away from sensitive fuel system components will reduce the risk of damage to your vehicle.
  • If you have started the engine or have driven the car, don't panic. Almost 99% of vehicles run on contaminated fuel can be fully cleaned out without any lasting effects.
  • Get professional advice on what to do next. Our call operators are always on hand 24/7 to help get you going again.
  • Call us now on 0800 711 7108.

Top 11 Frequently Asked Wrong Fuel Questions

What happens if you put unleaded petrol in a diesel car?

What happens if you put diesel in a petrol car?

What are the symptoms of the wrong fuel in a car?

Can I top it up, or, will filling it with the correct fuel fix the problem?

Can you drive a car with the wrong fuel in it?

Have I ruined my engine with the wrong fuel?

How do you drain a fuel tank?

How much does it cost to drain a fuel tank?

Is wrong fuel covered by insurance?

How long does a wrong fuel drain take?

Can a fuel drain be done roadside or at a petrol station?

BONUS What areas do you cover?

Any further wrong fuel questions?

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6 Common Urban Myths about Misfueling:

6 Common Wrong Fuel Urban Myths

We hear it all when dealing with thousands of angry and/or upset drivers who have put the incorrect fuel in their cars. Some of the ideas going around are quite alarming in that they are completely false and often confuse people and lead them down the wrong road.

So we decided to list and de-bunk some of the most common false ideas about misfueling. Here is our list of Misfuelling Urban Myths:

Myth: A little bit of petrol is good for a diesel engine – it cleans out the fuel system and is done in cold climates to stop the diesel from freezing. A little gas in a diesel is ok!

Truth: Any amount of petrol in a diesel system will reduce lubrication. Yes – it will "clean" the engine, however the gunk dislodged by it can clog the fuel lines, filter and injectors, thereby causing the fuel system to fail.

Cold-weather countries used to use a small amount of petrol in diesel a long time ago. This was way before modern diesel engines with high pressure pumps and common rail systems. Nowadays the diesel is specially engineered with numerous additives to ensure it doesn't freeze – but still manages to correctly lubricate the fuel system.

Myth: Wrong fuel? No problem – simply keep topping it up and don't run it too hard or rev too much.

Truth: The vast majority of people who try this do break down soon afterwards. Those few who manage to "get away" with it have simply solved the present, obvious problem. However they have also reduced the lifespan of the high-pressure pump, the lift pump, and the injectors. This means that they will need to be replaced sooner rather than later.
It is for this reason that companies like Mercedes often refuse to guarantee any fuel system components that have been in contact with contaminated fuel, and are then able to quote thousands to replace everything.

Myth: It's worse to put diesel into a petrol car than petrol into a diesel.

Truth: Both cases are bad and both will cost a lot of money to fix if not noticed and resolved in a timely fashion. However, to be honest, both are easily and cheaply fixed if done so immediately.
In reality though they are not even really comparable as they are completely different problems. Oranges and apples!

Myth: I should be ok to just drive it home and get it sorted there.

Truth: You might get home, but you risk damaging the vehicle in getting there. Additionally you have an even greater risk in breaking down on the way home. It is better to wait for a fuel drain at a warm petrol station than broken down in the middle of a dark, cold country road.

Myth: I can probably do the fuel drain myself.

Truth: Unless you are a trained contaminated fuel specialist, you unfortunately probably can't. Even fully qualified car mechanics often call us for help as fuel draining is a highly specialised service. There is also the small matter of what to do with the contaminated fuel once it has been removed.

Myth: I can re-use the drained fuel.

Truth: When the fuel warning light comes on there will still be between 5 and 15 litres of fuel in an "empty" vehicle.
Let's say you put 60 litres of petrol in an "empty" diesel car. When drained that 60 litres of petrol will now be mixed with 5-15 litres of diesel. Put that in a petrol car and you will soon see misfuel symptoms and problems with the petrol car.

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Fix My Wrong Fuel Services

Here is a table showing some of the services we offer. You can simply call us and request one of the below, or you can enquire about a personalised quote.

Service Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Drain the wrong fuel from the tank
Diagnostic Check as needed
Environment-friendly fuel disposal
Flush and purge the fuel system
Supply an amount of the correct fuel
Add fuel system/injection cleaner
Replace fuel filter

Optional Extras

If you require a Fuel System/Injector Cleaner, or need to replace your fuel filter, please speak with the Technician once he has assessed the vehicle. He will be able to provide all info you might need.

Petrol in Diesel Car

Unleaded instead of diesel or vice versa

We get you going again - fast

Fix My Wrong Fuel Reviews

We love to hear from our customers after they have used our services. We have over 98% positive approval rating and the vast majority of our customers are more than happy to recommend us. Most people commend us for our quick and cost-effective service. And almost everyone mentions how friendly, polite and professional our roadside technicians are.

Here are some genuine reviews from a few of our many happy customers:

Thank you very much for helping tonight at Tesco, Dundee when I accidentally put petrol in my diesel car. Arrived within the hour, was polite, professional and sympathetic from start to finish, explained everything fully to me and helped me get safely on my way home within 25 minutes. I felt very confident in the whole process.

Excellent service that was £100 cheaper than the quote from RAC Assist who we are covered with.

Pam F.

They were quick to answer the phone and let me know how long it would take someone to get to me and what would be done. Peter arrived promptly, he was very friendly, worked efficiently and explained what he was doing. He also let me sit in his warm van while I was waiting.

Great service - thank you.


Excellent service, would highly recommend. Helped my after I put the wrong fuel in my car. Very polite and helpful. Thanks so much.

Rachel S.

Made the mistake today for the first time (and last!) of getting the wrong fuel. Great service from you and particularly from the attending technician. His genuine friendliness and infectious cheerfulness actually made me smile in a stressful situation. He was helpful and informative and reassuring every step of the way. Cannot commend him enough.

Natalia L.

Today I was put back on the road, after refuelling my car with the wrong fuel by you. Excellent friendly service, well impressed and would happily recommend. One tip to all drivers keep the this number handy in case this happens to you, unless your breakdown service or insurance company covers you for free, avoid! Go directly to Fix My Wrong Fuel it’ll be cheaper.

Who is Fix My Wrong Fuel?

Fix My Wrong Fuel is a major player in the UK Contaminated Fuel Services industry.

Beginning with the very humble origins of one man, a beat-up van, and home-made equipment, Fix My Wrong Fuel had grown into one of the nation's leading Contaminated Fuel Specialists.

We can now, eight years later, boast a nationwide network of professionally trained Fuel Drain Technicians, all equipped with custom-made, industry-leading Fuel Drain Equipment.

We are now national Contaminated Fuel Service providers for major UK breakdown and insurance providers, as well as vehicle rental and fleet-servicing companies. We work on all types of vehicles, regardless of make, model, age or location. We even decontaminate boats, industrial equipment and fuel storage tanks and sites.

Fix My Wrong Fuel is a subsidiary of Fuel Fixer Ltd (Company Reg 8520551: V.A.T. Reg 118 5930 06) and operates out of the West Sussex head office.

Please see our Wrong Fuel Terms and Conditions.