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Wrong fuel in car

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Wrong fuel in your car - Watch this video to find out: Have I broken my car? Can I just top it up and carry on? How much does wrong fuel recovery cost?.

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Wrong Fuel in car Hyde Heath

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Petrol in Diesel Car Hyde Heath

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A big heads up to your technician who came to rescue me in Hyde Heath when I inadvertently filled my cyan Toyota Land Cruiser with unleaded petrol instead of diesel.

They got here within twenty minutes of me phoning on a Sunday evening, and had the fuel tank emptied and ready for me to get back on my way within 15 minutes. Even though I pray I never have to use the service again, I would undoubtedly recommend Fuel Fixer to anyone who makes the mistake of filling up their car with the wrong fuel type.

Fix My Wrong Fuel Buckinghamshire

Fiat 500L Hyde Heath
Fiat 500L Hyde Heath

Wrong Fuel Drains Hyde Heath

Did you know there're in excess of 150,000 examples of customers filling their vehicles with the incorrect kind of fuel every year? If you've unfortunately done precisely the same in Hyde Heath, then we can be of assistance. We're expert fuel retrieval and drainage professionals. Completely qualified and knowledgeable in dealing with all models of cars.

Filled up with petrol instead of diesel and stuck at the petrol station? All FixMyWrongFuel.com' technicians are fully SPA qualified to make it possible for them to work on petrol station forecourts. Health & Safety is a topic we consider very sincerely and we are committed to ensuring you experience expert, cost-effective and dependable assistance.

Thus, some guidance for anybody in Hyde Heath, Buckinghamshire, with incorrect fuel in their car:

  • Petrol in your Diesel Vehicle? Diesel in your Petrol Car? Incorrect Fuel in your Car?
  • Avoid starting the engine (not even to shift the motor vehicle off from the filling pump). Keeping the incorrect fuel in the tank and out of the delicate fuel components will minimize the possibility of trouble to your vehicle.
  • In case you did start the engine, don't stress. Pretty much 98% of cars run on the wrong fuel can be completely flushed out free of any enduring consequences.
  • Get expert hints and tips regarding precisely what to do. Our call agents are available 24/7 to help to have you running again.
  • Get in touch with us straight away on 07824 153 646

Petrol in Diesel Car

Unleaded instead of diesel or vice versa

We get you going again - fast

Fix My Wrong Fuel Reviews

We love to hear from our customers after they have used our services. We have over 98% positive approval rating and the vast majority of our customers are more than happy to recommend us. Most people commend us for our quick and cost-effective service. And almost everyone mentions how friendly, polite and professional our roadside technicians are.

A few of the routine details we have heard from the specialists in Hyde Heath:

Left stranded in Hyde Heath away from home and cursing my stupidity I called round the well-known vehicle assistance firms, but with no success. Fuel Fixer answered the phone, were polite and professional, and got someone to help me as soon as they could. Was professional and well-mannered, solving my problem quickly which meant I could get home that night - I was very grateful.

Michelle U.

I called FF out when I had put unleaded in my diesel tank when I was in Hyde Heath. Your engineer phoned me to apologise that he couldn't get to me within the time given when I'd first called (20-30 minutes) because of heavy traffic. When he did arrive (about 45mins) he was helpful, friendly and very efficient. The car was soon back on the road, none the worse for the incident. My credit card was, however, aching from the cost!

Pam S.

I was very satisfied with the fuel drain work carried out by Fuel Fixer on my car after the recent misfuelling incident. It was extremely competently carried out by Fuel Fixer. In addition to his technical competence, he had a great customer manner and is a good advertisement for your company.

Roger H.

I put petrol in my diesel car and drove it around 5 miles. My insurance didn't cover so I tried fuel fixer. He arrived within an hour. He was confident that he would fix my problem. He explained everything as he did it. Within 15 minutes my gorgeous Chevrolet Malibu was up and running. Probably saved me around £5k. Thanks and well done

John M.

First time I've been in this situation, I called up cos of wrong fuel in car and spoke to a lovely gentleman called Alan. Great professional service with great communication. When you call them, there's no misunderstanding, clear information is given along with great advice and polite manner. Also the guy showed up on time. But mostly it's the level of quality work, it was done patiently and carefully (not your regular money hungry companies where they rush and see you later to the next client). Thank you very much guys.

Who is Fix My Wrong Fuel?

Fix My Wrong Fuel is owned and operated by Fuel Fixer Ltd, a major player in the UK Contaminated Fuel Services industry.

Beginning with the very humble origins of one man, a beat-up van, and home-made equipment, we have grown into one of the nation's leading Contaminated Fuel Specialists.

We can now, eight years later, boast a nationwide network of professionally trained Fuel Drain Technicians, all equipped with custom-made, industry-leading Fuel Drain Equipment.

We are now national Contaminated Fuel Service providers for major UK breakdown and insurance providers, as well as vehicle rental and fleet-servicing companies. We work on all types of vehicles, regardless of make, model, age or location. We even decontaminate boats, industrial equipment and fuel storage tanks and sites.

Fix My Wrong Fuel is a subsidiary of Fuel Fixer Ltd (Company Reg 8520551: V.A.T. Reg 118 5930 06) and operates out of the West Sussex head office.

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