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Wrong fuel in car

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Wrong fuel in your car - Watch this video to find out: Have I broken my car? Can I just top it up and carry on? How much does wrong fuel recovery cost?.

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Wrong Fuel in car Frieth

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Petrol in Diesel Car Frieth

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Fuel fixer you should have the maximum congratulations. For the very first time in my long life I did the unbearable and filled up my tank with the wrong fuel in Frieth. Your services from the first phone call was comforting, polite, reassuring. When Mercedes, who I have warranty with, would not give me a quotation nor have someone to me within under an hour your wonderful mechanic was with me within twenty minutes. He was so relaxed and promptly got the vehicle moved to a safe place on the garage grounds so he could work and resolve the problem. All done within 45 minutes. He also filled my car (with the proper fuel) after he had drained it which I considered was a fantastic part of the service. You transformed a very stress filled situation into one of calm resolution. I am extremely thrilled to recommend you to anyone found in this most unbelievable situation. Thank you a whole lot. Extremely efficient service.

Fix My Wrong Fuel Buckinghamshire

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Renault Clio 2012 Frieth

Wrong Fuel Drains Frieth

Incorrect fuel in your vehicle and stuck in Frieth? We are able to help you hour of need with both specialised tips and assistance. FixMyWrongFuel.com is in the one of a kind stance of enjoying a genuine countrywide framework of contaminated fuel drainage specialists working 24 hours a day. Home, side of the road or petrol station forecourt services anywhere in Frieth and the UK, and any time of day or night.

Misfuelling your vehicle doesn't have to be costly . We are able to provide you the most appropriate quotation for the task and, considering that we are countrywide, we will be able to be with you quickly if you have put in the wrong fuel in Buckinghamshire, because we have professionals in the area! Consequently, in case you happen to be stranded at a petrol station forecourt, or have driven a while with contaminated fuel lying in your car, call us now. You will soon enough be ready to continue your drive without significant damage to your vehicle or finances.

You are merely a phone call from getting your "petrol in diesel" situation resolved and getting back on the road. Contact us any time and we'll be willing to assist you to put everything right. Call up today and check out in what way we could help:

Thus, here is help and advice for anyone in Frieth, Buckinghamshire, with the wrong fuel in their car:

  • Diesel in a Petrol Car? Petrol in a Diesel Car? Incorrect Fuel in a Car?
  • Don't start the engine (even if it's just to move the motor vehicle off of the pump). Attempting to keep the incorrect fuel in the fuel tank and far from sophisticated fuel system mechanism will minimize the chance of harm to your car.
  • If you did run the engine or have driven your vehicle, try not to panic. Pretty much 99% of motor vehicles run on contaminated fuel can be easily cleaned without having any enduring consequences.
  • Find competent information relating to precisely what to do. Our call agents are on hand seven days a week to help you have you going again.
  • Call us right now on 07824 153 646

Petrol in Diesel Car

Unleaded instead of diesel or vice versa

We get you going again - fast

Fix My Wrong Fuel Reviews

We love to hear from our customers after they have used our services. We have over 98% positive approval rating and the vast majority of our customers are more than happy to recommend us. Most people commend us for our quick and cost-effective service. And almost everyone mentions how friendly, polite and professional our roadside technicians are.

Some reports:

I recently had the misfortune of mis-fueling my car with unleaded petrol when it is a diesel. I was recommended fuel fixer and after using their services I would highly recommend to anyone who unfortunately finds themselves in the same position. They came to my location in Frieth within 30 minutes and explained everything to me before fixing my problem. The guy was very friendly and explained the process to me throughout. I filled my full tank up with the wrong fuel and drove about a mile before realising and fuel fixer managed to solve the problem and my car is now running absolutely fine. The only down side is the financial cost this will set you back but its not much in comparison to the thousands you may need to fork out if it is not fixed straight away.

Daniel V.

What a lifesaver! Put diesel instead of unleaded in our 1 yr old light green Mitsubishi Precis and then drove it for a couple of miles. Was quoted at least £1k to fix plus our warranty would have been invalidated. Fuel Fixer arrived within an hour of calling, drained the diesel, flushed new unleaded through the system and got the car working again no problem. Saved us thousands. Thanks so much, would highly recommend.

Poppy V.

I had the misfortune to call on Fuel Fixer recently and was extremely satisfied with the manner, attitude and professionalism displayed by the Fuel Fixer mechanic. Although we had a long wait for him to arrive in Frieth, when he arrived he drained the tank and had us back on the road within the hour. The alternative was to be towed 70miles to a garage back home on a Sunday not knowing if that garage would be capable of fixing the problem on the Monday which would meant another tow 16 miles to the next garage.

He kept us informed during the draining process and had an excellent customer facing manner. The wait was worth it and both myself and my partner were completely satisfied with the service.

Rhys L.

Fantastic response from Fuel Fixer to sort out my big mistake in putting the wrong fuel in my car (my luxury Land Rover Freelander). He was very friendly and very efficient in removing the wrong fuel and get my car going again. I hope I don't see him again but would thoroughly recommend this company if you find yourself in my position

Samantha C.

I cannot believe what I did! Never done it before but put petrol in my diesel car. Drove 25 miles like it before realising when I went to start the engine again, it wouldn't start! Panicked a bit, so called my breakdown recovery. They managed to get fuel fixer come out to me otherwise it would have been a tow home. They provided excellent service. I wasn't waiting long for Fuel fixer to arrive. He was a very kind, pleasant, helpful man. I cannot fault the service I received and most importantly my car wasn't damaged

Who is Fix My Wrong Fuel?

Fix My Wrong Fuel is owned and operated by Fuel Fixer Ltd, a major player in the UK Contaminated Fuel Services industry.

Beginning with the very humble origins of one man, a beat-up van, and home-made equipment, we have grown into one of the nation's leading Contaminated Fuel Specialists.

We can now, eight years later, boast a nationwide network of professionally trained Fuel Drain Technicians, all equipped with custom-made, industry-leading Fuel Drain Equipment.

We are now national Contaminated Fuel Service providers for major UK breakdown and insurance providers, as well as vehicle rental and fleet-servicing companies. We work on all types of vehicles, regardless of make, model, age or location. We even decontaminate boats, industrial equipment and fuel storage tanks and sites.

Fix My Wrong Fuel is a subsidiary of Fuel Fixer Ltd (Company Reg 8520551: V.A.T. Reg 118 5930 06) and operates out of the West Sussex head office.

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